Medical translations

My specialty in this field lies in histology/histopathology, and I have been translating texts of this type for over 25 years.

After my studies I was employed as a translator and technical writer by Leica Instruments (now Leica Biosystems), a leading company in the development and production of equipment for the routine histopathology lab as well as for research and industry.

Working for this firm allowed me to gain extensive knowledge in histology/histopathology, initially for five years in Germany and then for two and a half years in the USA. In my position there as Regulatory Affairs Manager I also gained experience in quality control, in particular in the documentation of quality systems in medical equipment manufacturing.

I translate from English as well as Spanish into German all documentation in this specialized area, including:

  • Marketing texts such as product brochures, advertisements etc.
  • Users’ and service manuals for equipment
  • Quality assurance documents as well as the relevant legal texts
  • Training documents, research reports, application literature etc.